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Pope Saint Clement I (d. 101)

Pope Saint Clement I (d. 101)

Patron saint of boatmen, stonecutters, and sick children

Feast day: November 23

Pope Saint Clement I of Rome was a convert who was brought into the Christian faith by either Saint Peter or Saint Paul. He was selected to serve as either the second or third Bishop of Rome, after Saint Peter. He is considered to be the first Apostolic Father of the Church.

Saint Clement penned a letter, known as Clement’s First Epistle to the Corinthians, from the Church in Rome to the Church in Corinth. The letter asked those participating in immoral practices to cease their actions and repent for their unchristian behavior.

Clement’s First Epistle to the Corinthians was extremely important because it designated the author, the pope, as the head of the Christian Church, and the center of the Christian Church as Rome. Pope Saint Clement was imprisoned under the emperor Trajan and allegedly martyred by being tied to an anchor and tossed from a ship into the Black Sea.

(Image in public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)