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Saint Agatha (d. 251)

Saint Agatha (d. 251)

Patron saint of rape victims, against breast disease, and against fire

Feast day: February 5

Saint Agatha’s story is similar to the story of Saint Agnes. She was born into a wealthy family and was well known for her beauty. Agatha consecrated her life and her virginity to God and rejected suitors who wished to marry her. One suitor, Quintianus, felt that he could change her mind by exposing her as a Christian in the time of the persecution under Emperor Trajan Decius.

Agatha was brought before a judge, who happened to be Quintianus himself. Refusing to deny her faith, Agatha was imprisoned in a brothel. When she further refused to deny her Christian beliefs, she was imprisoned and tortured. She refused medical care for her injuries, but God gave her all of the healing and care that she needed in a vision of Saint Peter. Agatha was tortured further and died after saying a final prayer.

Among several causes, Saint Agatha is the patron saint against fire, after an eruption of Mount Etna was stilled after praying for her intercession. 

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