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Saint Bartholomew (first century)

Saint Bartholomew (first century)

Patron of the Armenian Apostolic Church; also of butchers, tanners, and shoemakers

Feast day: August 24

Saint Bartholomew is listed in the Bible as one of the Twelve Apostles. Not much is known about this saint. Some scholars believe him to be the Nathanael who is mentioned in the Gospel of John. Together with Saint Jude Thaddeus, Saint Bartholomew is said to have brought Christianity to Armenia. (Other sources indicate that Bartholomew may also have reached India.)

The Apostles were tirelessly determined to bear witness to God’s truth. While preaching, Saint Bartholomew was captured, flayed, and beheaded on the orders of King Astyages of Armenia. (Other sources indicate that he may have been martyred in India.) In the image here, Saint John is on the left, writing his Gospel, while Saint Bartholomew looks on from the right.

(Image Dosso Dossi, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)