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Saint Bonaventure (1221–1274)

Saint Bonaventure (1221–1274)

Feast day: July 15

Saint Bonaventure was born in 1221 in Italy. He was a prominent theologian and bishop and is now a Doctor of the Church. As a young child, Bonaventure was cured of a fatal illness through prayers to Saint Francis of Assisi. After joining the Franciscans and rigorously studying theology and philosophy, Bonaventure became a professor of theology.

He wrote extensively on philosophy and theology but also defended the Franciscan Order and played an integral role in meaningfully explaining the essence and purpose of the lives of the Franciscans. Saint Bonaventure University in New York State is named for him, as are many schools and colleges throughout the world.

Saint Junipero Serra named the ninth and last California mission in his honor. It still exists as a parish church, Mission San Buenaventura, near Los Angeles, California (north of Malibu and south of Santa Barbara). 

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