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Saint Bruno (c. 1030–1101)

Saint Bruno (c. 1030–1101)

Patron saint of Calabria (Italy) and Germany

Feast day: October 6

Saint Bruno was born in Cologne, Germany, in approximately 1030. He stood with Pope Gregory VII in his battle against the corruption and decadence of the clergy. Bruno was also involved in the removal of a scandalous archbishop by the name of Manasses.

Bruno dreamed about living a life of seclusion and prayer and became a hermit. He started a hermitage with a few friends in the desert, and this was the beginning of the Carthusian Order. They lived lives of prayer and poverty, and their primary work was copying manuscripts.

Saint Bruno was never officially canonized because of the Carthusians’ dislike of public honors. However, Pope Leo X gave the Carthusians permission to celebrate Bruno’s feast day, and his name was put on the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints.

(Image Jusepe de Ribera, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)