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Saint Cloud (522–560)

Saint Cloud (522–560)

Patron saint of nail makers and the Diocese of St. Cloud, MN

Feast day: September 7

Saint Cloud (pronounced "Clew" in French) was born into French royalty; his father was the king of the Franks. When the king was killed in battle, his kingdom was divided up among his four young sons. When one of Cloud’s brothers was killed in battle, the kingdom became divided up among only three brothers.

Cloud’s uncle Childebert plotted with his brother to kill the boys and divide the kingdom. Cloud escaped, however, and made no attempt to gain back his share of the kingdom. After his brothers’ murder, Cloud put himself under the instruction of Saint Severinus and became a hermit.

When his hermitage became popular among pilgrims, Cloud moved to a small village near Paris, which later became known as Saint-Cloud. There he formed an association of love and service with some of his followers, and he died in the midst of this community. Saint Cloud is the patron saint of the Diocese of Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

(Image Reinhardhauke, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)