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Saint Conrad of Piacenza (c. 1290–1351)

Saint Conrad of Piacenza (c. 1290–1351)

Patron saint against hernias

Feast day: February 19

Saint Conrad of Piacenza was born into a noble family and married the daughter of a nobleman. One day, while Conrad was out on a hunting trip, he ordered his guides to set fire to a pile of brush in order to drive out the game. However, the fire got out of hand and burned down a neighboring village.

An innocent peasant was blamed for the disaster and was condemned to death. Not wanting the man to suffer for his mistake, Conrad confessed his guilt and paid for the damage by selling a great deal of his property and possessions. After this event, Conrad and his wife felt called to give the remainder of their goods to the poor, and they entered into separate religious orders.

He lived as a hermit in prayerful solitude and was known for his gifts of healing and piety. It is said that Conrad died kneeling in front of a crucifix. 

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