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Saint Cuthbert (c. 636–687)

Saint Cuthbert (c. 636–687)

Patron saint against plague and of sailors and shepherds

Feast day: March 20

Saint Cuthbert was orphaned at a young age, worked as a shepherd, possibly engaged in military service, and became a monk at Melrose Abbey in Scotland. He engaged in missionary work and activities that attracted large crowds. When he received his abbot’s permission, Cuthbert traveled to a nearby island to live prayerfully as a hermit. Against his wishes, he was elected bishop. He spent the last few years of his life ministering to the people of his diocese.

He is known for numerous healing miracles and had the gift of prophesy. He was buried at the Abbey of Lindisfarne in northeast England, but his remains were later moved to Durham Cathedral, where his coffin, pectoral cross, and other treasures are displayed today. 

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