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Saint Cyril of Jerusalem (c. 315–386)

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem (c. 315–386)

Feast day: March 18

Saint Cyril, the archbishop of Jerusalem, was caught up in a heated controversy. He was accused of insubordination and selling Church property, even though he used the money to assist the poor. Although helping the poor is very important, it was Cyril’s responsibility to look after and care for the Church’s property.

These harsh charges may have been handed out because there was conflict between Cyril and Acacius, a neighboring bishop and believer in the Arian heresy. Cyril was exiled from Jerusalem but was later pardoned and allowed to return. He attended the First Ecumenical Council of Constantinople, where the amended form of the Nicene Creed was made public.

Cyril accepted the new creed and was called a champion of orthodoxy against the Arians by the bishops of the council. 

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