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Saint Egwin (d. 717)

Saint Egwin (d. 717)

Feast day: December 30

Saint Egwin was born to a noble family in Worcester, England. After joining a monastery, he was eagerly welcomed by royalty, the clergy, and the townspeople when he was appointed bishop of Worcester. His popularity soon began to wane, due to his severe nature. He let his zeal and love of reform and discipline go too far and was ordered to Rome to face the charges against him.

The charges were dropped, but Egwin decided to found a monastery instead of returning to his previous duties as bishop. He founded his monastery on the site that was revealed to him by the Blessed Virgin Mary, who appeared to him in a vision. He also dedicated the monastery to her.

After Saint Egwin's death, many miracles were credited to him.

(Image by Jules & Jenny from Lincoln, UK, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)