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Saint Elizabeth of Schonau (c. 1130–1164)

Saint Elizabeth of Schonau (c. 1130–1164)

Patron saint against temptations

Feast day: June 18

Saint Elizabeth of Schonau was brought up in a Benedictine monastery from the age of 12. She saw the monastery as her home and took her vows. Elizabeth was gifted with visions, prayerful ecstasies, and prophecies, and she waged a spiritual battle against demons. She was appointed abbess and, with the assistance of her brother, wrote three books describing her visions. In her time, she became an influential voice in the affairs of the day through her letters to high Church officials, some who had requested her advice, and some who had not! An altar honoring the remains of Saint Elizabeth of Schonau can be found in the Schonau Abbey Church of St. Florin in Nassau, Germany.  (Image in public domain)