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Saint Eugenia (d. 258)

Saint Eugenia (d. 258)

Feast day: December 25

Saint Eugenia’s life is shrouded in mystery. She is said to have been the daughter of Duke Philip of Alexandria, the governor of Egypt during the time of Emperor Valerian. According to legend, Eugenia ran away from home dressed as a man, was baptized, and began to live out her vocation in an abbey.

She was accused of adultery by women who made advances on her, thinking that she was a man. She was brought to court to answer the charges and discovered that the judge was her father. She was acquitted of the charges when she revealed that she was a woman.

After reuniting with her father, she converted him to Christianity. She also converted many others, including her mother. She traveled to Rome with her mother and servants, where they were martyred under the persecution of Emperor Valerian. 

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