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Saint Euphrasia (380–410)

Saint Euphrasia (380–410)

Feast day: March 13

Saint Euphrasia was born into the Roman nobility. When her father died, she and her mother became charges of the emperor. When she was five years old, Euphrasia was betrothed.

Shortly after her betrothal, she and her mother moved to Egypt, where Euphrasia entered a convent. When she was 12 years old, the time came for her to marry. However, Euphrasia wanted to remain in the convent, so she requested that she be relieved of her marriage obligation, her fortune be used to feed the poor, and her slaves freed. The emperor agreed to her requests, and Euphrasia spent the rest of her life in the Egyptian convent.

She is well known for her prayerful nature, fasting, and carrying heavy stones from one place to another to keep her mind off all temptations. Saint Euphrasia’s life was held in high esteem by Saint John Damascene. 

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