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Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani (1681–1742)

Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani (1681–1742)

Feast day: November 27

Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani was born in Lucera, Italy. He was a very devout child and entered the order of Conventual Franciscans, taking the name Francis. He was ordained 10 years later and taught philosophy to younger friars in the order, served as guardian of the friary, became the master of novices, and finally became the pastor in his hometown.

Francesco was very loving, pious, and repentant in all that he did. He became a popular confessor and preacher. Francesco was a devoted advocate of the poor, and humble enough to seek aid from benefactors when needed. He was a mystic who enjoyed a profound prayer life and supernatural gifts, such as levitation during prayer.

It is said that upon his death the children of the town ran through the streets shouting, "The saint is dead! The saint is dead!" Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani was canonized in 1986.

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