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Saint Francis of Paola (1416–1507)

Saint Francis of Paola (1416–1507)

Patron saint of sailors and against fire and plague

Feast day: April 2

Saint Francis made pilgrimages to Rome and Assisi in his teens. He was so inspired by these trips that he became a hermit, living in a cave near Paola, Italy. Before he turned 20, he already had many followers. His following became so large that he founded the Hermits of Saint Francis of Assisi, later named the Franciscan Order of Minim Friars to show humility in the family of God.

Francis was a well-known prophet, miracle worker, and reader of hearts. He was so celebrated that he was summoned to help King Louis XI of France prepare for death. While at the royal court, Francis helped to restore peace between France and Brittany, and France and Spain. 

(Image José Luis Filpo Cabana, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Common)