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Saint Fulgence of Ruspe (c. 465–533)

Saint Fulgence of Ruspe (c. 465–533)

Feast day: January 1

Saint Fulgence of Ruspe was a high-ranking Roman who was born in North Africa. He felt called to become a monk, even though his widowed mother opposed his decision. Saint Fulgence became abbot of his monastery but had to flee when the monastery was invaded. He returned to the area when it was safe and was appointed bishop of Ruspe.

However, he and his fellow bishops were banished to Sardinia, Italy, by King Thrasamund, who subscribed to the Arian heresy that Jesus Christ was not divine. Saint Fulgence’s devotion to Christianity did not cease when he reached Sardinia. He founded a monastery in the area and wrote such expressive and moving defenses of Catholic teachings that King Thrasamund reinstated him to his see. However, King Thrasamund was fickle and banished Saint Fulgence once more. Finally, in 523, Saint Fulgence returned to his see for good and made it his work to rebuild the faith of his people. 

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