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Saint Godfrey of Amiens (c. 1066–1115)

Saint Godfrey of Amiens (c. 1066–1115)

Feast day: November 8

Saint Godfrey started his monastic life at a young age. He was raised from the age of five in the Benedictine Abbey of Mont-Saint-Quentin, where his godfather was abbot. He was given his own tiny habit and lived life like a Benedictine monk. When he came of age, he truly joined the Benedictine monks and was then ordained a priest by Bishop Rabod II of Noyon, France.

Godfrey became the abbot of Nogent-sous-Coucy in 1096. He restored order to the monastery, and under his highly structured leadership it became a success. Godfrey was known for his rigid strictness. He was a proponent of clerical celibacy and opposed drunkenness and simony.

Godfrey was selected bishop of Amiens, France, where he met a great deal of opposition to his strict ways. Because of this opposition, he moved briefly to a Carthusian monastery, but returned to his diocese at the request of his people. 

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