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Saint John Joseph of the Cross (1654–1739)

Saint John Joseph of the Cross (1654–1739)

Patron saint of Ischia, Italy

Feast day: March 5

Saint John Joseph of the Cross exhibited such strong piety and devotion at a young age that he joined the Franciscans in Naples when he was only 16. His reputation for holiness provoked his superiors to give him the duty of founding a new friary even before he was ordained.

John excelled at his new position and was eventually appointed provincial. Even though he held a very important position, he still helped work in the kitchen, haul firewood, and carry water. After his term as provincial ended, John Joseph dedicated his time to hearing confessions and practicing humble penances.

John Joseph was blessed with the gifts of healing, prophecy, prayerful ecstasies, levitation, and bilocation. 

(Image CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons))