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Saint José Manyanet y Vives (1833–1901)

Saint José Manyanet y Vives (1833–1901)

Feast day: December 17

Saint José Manyanet y Vives was born into a large, religious family. He was dedicated to Our Lady at the age of five by his mother and eventually became a priest.

José founded the Congregation of the Sons of the Holy Family as well as the Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Both orders were devoted to ministering to Christian families, teaching, and parish ministry.

José also wrote books and pamphlets urging devotion to the Holy Family, offering resources for families in trouble, and giving tips on school management. He started the magazine, La Sagrada Familia.

Saint José Manyanet y Vives died in 1901 and was canonized in 2004. 

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