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Saints Justa and Rufina (d. 287)

Saints Justa and Rufina (d. 287)

Co-patron saint with Saint Rufina of potters and Seville, Spain

Feast day: July 19

Saint Justa and her sister, Saint Rufina, were natives of Seville, Spain. They earned their living by selling pottery. One day, they received a very large order for pottery from a wealthy customer. The sisters discovered that the pots would be used for pagan rituals, however, and smashed the wealthy customer’s order, refusing to sell any of their wares to him.

They were arrested for their faith and condemned to death. Both Justa and her sister were martyred for their Christianity. According to tradition, these two sisters are protectors of the Cathedral of Seville, and this is the building they are holding in this portrait.

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