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Saint Leodegarius (c. 615–678)

Saint Leodegarius (c. 615–678)

Patron saint of blind people and millers

Feast day: October 2

Saint Leodegarius was the son of Saint Sigrada and the brother of Saint Gerinus. Born to a noble family in France, Leodegarius was brought up in the court of King Clotaire II. Leodegarius was a reforming bishop of Autun in 663. He stood up against Manichaeism, reformed the clergy, required discipline in religious houses, and stressed the significance of the Sacraments, specifically Baptism.

His efforts and support of Childric instead of Ebroin for the throne angered many powerful people. Ebroin accused him of helping to plot the murder of Childric. Ebroin ordered Erchinoald, the mayor of the royal palace, to have Leodegarius imprisoned, blinded, and executed.

In France, Leodegarius is known as Saint Léger, and his relics can be found in the town of St.-Legér, which was named after him.

(Image Pierre Poschadel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)