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Saint Luke (first century)

Saint Luke (first century)

Patron saint of artists, brewers, butchers, doctors, notaries, painters, physicians, and surgeons

Feast day: October 18

Luke is one of the four Gospel writers, or Evangelists, of the New Testament. Unlike the other Evangelists, he also wrote a second volume, entitled Acts of the Apostles. Luke’s Gospel emphasizes the compassion of Jesus and his concern for women, outcasts, and the marginalized.

Luke was a companion of Saint Paul and, according to legend, a physician, so he often portrays Jesus and Paul as healers. In Christian tradition, Luke is also honored as the first icon painter, and he is said to have painted images of the Virgin Mary and Child.

The “Saint Thomas Christians” (descendants of the first Christians in India said to have been converted by Saint Thomas the Apostle) in India believe that they have a painting of Saint Luke, which Saint Thomas brought with him to India.  (Adapted from Good News Day by Day: Bible Reflections for Teens [Saint Mary’s Press]) 

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