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Saint Mark (first century)

Saint Mark (first century)

Patron saint of notaries

Feast day: April 25

Mark was a disciple of Saint Peter. An early Church tradition says that Mark wrote the earliest Gospel, a Gospel full of little details that the author may have learned from Peter.

Peter’s first epistle reminds us to not be anxious about the worries of the world because Christ truly cares for us. Though we are to cast our fears onto the Lord, we are, at the same time, to be disciplined and alert to the pitfalls we may find in life. Being disciplined in reading the Scriptures daily and reflecting on how they apply to our lives is one way to be an alert disciple of Christ. (From Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens [Saint Mary’s Press]) 

(Image by Il Pordenone, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)