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Saint Notburga (1265–1313)

Saint Notburga (1265–1313)

Patron saint of farmers, peasants, and servers

Feast day: September 14

Saint Notburga was a servant in the kitchen of Count Henry Rattenberg in Austria. At the end of each day, Notburga took the leftovers from the day’s meals into town and gave them away to the poor and starving. The count’s wife, Ottilia, told Notburga that she must use the leftovers to feed the swine instead of the poor. Not wanting to lose her position or disappoint her mistress, Notburga followed the countess’s orders for a time but then continued to feed the poor.

When Ottilia discovered that Notburga was disobeying her request, she had her fired. Notburga went to work as a servant for a neighboring farm but was rehired by the count once the countess passed away. Notburga worked in the count’s kitchen for the remainder of her days and continued to feed the poor. 

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