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Saint Pantaleon (d. 303)

Saint Pantaleon (d. 303)

Patron saint of physicians, midwives, and crying children, and against accidents and loneliness

Feast day: July 27

Saint Pantaleon was such a celebrated doctor that the Roman Emperor Galerius appointed him as his personal physician. Pantaleon’s excessive involvement in the pagan court influenced him to deny his Christianity. He lived as a pagan for some time before a priest named Hermolaos made him realize that he had committed a grave sin. Pantaleon repented and rejoined the Church.

To make up for his mistake, Pantaleon wished to suffer and die in Jesus’ name. For the time being, he lived by the example of Christ’s charity by offering his medical services to the poor free of charge. When the persecution of Diocletian began, Pantaleon immediately gave all of his possessions to the poor and was soon accused of being a Christian. When given the choice of denying his faith or being put to death, Pantaleon immediately chose to die for his Christian beliefs. 

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