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Saint Peter Chrysologus (d. 450)

Saint Peter Chrysologus (d. 450)

Feast day: July 30

Born during the early fifth century, Saint Peter Chrysologus was appointed bishop of Ravenna, a diocese located in northern Italy. As a young priest, Saint Peter Chrysologus quickly noticed that many of his parishioners unwittingly adhered to remnants of their old pagan religions. In order to effectively instruct his flock in the truths of Christianity, Saint Peter Chrysologus mastered the art of the homily. His homilies were simple, short, unadorned, direct, and lacked any frivolity or pomp. They were full of powerful moral and religious truths. He successfully taught his flock and encouraged them to learn more about their religion.

For his leadership and teachings, Saint Peter Chrysologus, a counselor to Pope Leo I, was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church in 1729 by Pope Benedict XIII. 

(Image by Fcosampieri, Wikimedia Commons)