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Saint Rose Venerini (1656–1728)

Saint Rose Venerini (1656–1728)

Feast day: May 7

Saint Rose Venerini was engaged to be married but joined a convent upon the death of her fiance. Shortly thereafter, her father also passed away, so Rose returned home to comfort and care for her mother. While at home, Rose invited the neighborhood women over to pray the Rosary with her. She became close with these women, forming a kind of solidarity with them.

Rose’s spiritual adviser convinced her that her talents would be better spent as a teacher than as a nun. Rose listened to his advice and opened up a free school for girls. Rose was so well received and successful that she was invited by the cardinal to oversee the teachers and schools in the Diocese of Montefiascone. Her talents were highly sought after, and she asked to organize schools all over Italy.

After Saint Rose Venerini’s passing, the group of women she had prayed the Rosary with in her home were given the rank of a religious congregation. They became known as the Venerini Sisters and can be found today working with Italian immigrants in the United States.

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