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Saint Stanislaus (1030–1079)

Saint Stanislaus (1030–1079)

Patron saint of Kraków, Poland, and soldiers in battle

Feast day: April 11

Saint Stanislaus was born into a noble family near Kraków, Poland. When his parents passed away, Stanislaus gave away his inheritance to the poor. Stanislaus soon became a noted preacher and a popular spiritual advisor. He was an effective reformer and was named bishop of Kraków.

Stanislaus criticized King Boleslaus II’s brutalities and injustices and excommunicated him from the Church. Enraged, Boleslaus II sought revenge and murdered Stanislaus while he was celebrating Mass. The outrage of the people was so immense that Boleslaus II fled the country. It is said that he lived out the rest of his days as a monk, repenting for his actions. 

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