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Pope Saint Sylvester I (d. 335)

Pope Saint Sylvester I (d. 335)

Feast day: December 31

Saint Sylvester I was Pope during the reign of Emperor Constantine I, after the persecutions and terror of Diocletian. He was Pope during important events such as the proclamation of the Edict of Milan, the rise of the Catholic Church from the catacombs, the construction of the basilicas of Saint John Lateran and Saint Peter, and the Council of Nicaea. However, these great events were largely made possible by Emperor Constantine I.

Even though he was Pope at the time of a very powerful and influential leader, Sylvester I was a strong and knowledgeable pope who maintained the independence of the Church. Saint Sylvester I died in 335 in Rome and was the first non-martyr to be honored as a saint. 

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