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Saint Tarasius of Constantinople (c. 730–806)

Saint Tarasius of Constantinople (c. 730–806)

Feast day: February 25

Saint Tarasius of Constantinople was given the high honor of acting as consul and secretary of state to Emperor Constantine IV and his mother, Empress Irene. Although he held positions of prestige and power, he led the simple life of a monk.

Tarasius was chosen as the patriarch of Constantinople but accepted the position only after Constantinople resolved its dispute with the Holy See regarding the veneration of holy images. He lived very simply, eating and sleeping in moderation as well as reading, praying, and working for the Church.

Tarasius fell from the emperor’s good graces when he refused to acknowledge the emperor’s divorce from his lawful wife and his attempt to marry a servant. He was imprisoned for his disobedience but was released after a short time and continued to do good works. 

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