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Saint Theophane Venard (1829–1861)

Saint Theophane Venard (1829–1861)

Feast day: November 24

Saint Theophane Venard was brought up in a devout family. He was ordained to the priesthood and followed God's call to become a missionary to Southeast Asia. Saint Theophane spent several months ministering to the faithful in Hong Kong, then transferred his ministry to West Tonkin, in what is today Vietnam. Shortly before Saint Theophane’s arrival, the ruler of West Tonkin, Minh-Menh, began to persecute Christians in the area. Because of this persecution, priests and bishops were forced into hiding.

Even though he suffered from poor health, Saint Theophane continued ministering to the Christian community in secret. After four years of this secretive ministry, Saint Theophane was handed over to the government by one of his parishioners and was arrested. He was kept in a cage for several weeks after refusing to save himself from punishment by denying Jesus Christ. He was executed by beheading and is one of the Martyrs of Vietnam. 

(Image by PHGCOM, Wikimedia Commons)