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Saint Vincent Ferrer (c. 1350–1419)

Saint Vincent Ferrer (c. 1350–1419)

Patron saint of people in the building trades

Feast day: April 5

Saint Vincent Ferrer joined the Dominican Order in Spain at the age of 19. A bright student, he was ordained into the priesthood and became prior of his Dominican house in Valencia.

Vincent was alive during a troublesome time for the Church. The Western Schism divided Christianity first between two, then three popes. Vincent tried his best to heal the schism but became disappointed with his lack of success and instead traveled around the world preaching the Good News and converting many. During his sermons, he stressed the need for repentance and the terror of the coming judgment.

He was known for performing many miracles and for his gift of tongues. It is said that while he only spoke Spanish, all who listened to him could understand him. Joyfully, he lived to see the end of the Great Schism. Saint Vincent Ferrer put so much effort into trying to heal and rebuild the Church that he became the patron saint of people in the building trades.

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