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Saint Wenceslaus (c. 907–929)

Saint Wenceslaus (c. 907–929)

Patron saint of the Bohemian people and the former Czechoslovakia

Feast day: September 28

Saint Wenceslaus was born in 907 near Prague. His holy grandmother raised him and wanted to put him on the throne to replace his mother, an anti-Christian. Wenceslaus eventually assumed the throne.

During his reign, Saint Wenceslaus focused on unification efforts in Bohemia, Church support, and peace with Germany. His efforts to bring peace and support the Church did not sit well with anti-Christians, especially his brother, Boleslav. Boleslav invited Wenceslaus to come and celebrate the Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian with him. While on the way to Mass, Boleslav and his anti-Christian supporters attacked and killed Wenceslaus.

The tomb of Wenceslaus became a popular destination for pilgrims. This Saint Wenceslaus is the “King Wenceslaus” honored in the famous Christmas carol, “Good King Wenceslaus.”

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