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Saint Winoc (d. 717)

Saint Winoc (d. 717)

Patron saint against fever and whooping cough and of millers

Feast day: November 6

Saint Winoc was brought up and educated in Brittany. He is said to have a possible noble lineage. He was called to become a monk at Saint Peter’s monastery at Sithiu under Abbot Saint Bertin.

He and three companions founded a monastery in neighboring Dunkirk. This monastery became a missionary epicenter for the region. Winoc was very aware of the apostolic principle, “If any would not work, neither should he eat.” He spent much of his time taking part in the manual labor of the monasteries, taking joy in the hard work.

When old age robbed him of most of his strength, Winoc prayed for assistance to continue his work. His prayers were answered when he received a hand corn mill, which allowed him to make flour tortillas for his brothers as well as for the poor. 

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