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Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg (924–994)

Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg (924–994)

Patron saint of paralyzed people, stroke victims, and carpenters

Feast day: October 31

Saint Wolfgang was born in Swabia, Germany, and attended school near the Abbey of Reichenau. While at school, Wolfgang met Henry, a young man of noble birth who would become the archbishop of Trier. Wolfgang remained in contact with Henry, teaching at his cathedral school and backing him in his efforts to reform the clergy.

When the archbishop passed away, Wolfgang felt called to become a Benedictine monk at the abbey in Einsiedeln. He was ordained a priest and selected as director of the monastery school. After some time, he was sent as a missionary to Hungary, where he converted many to Christianity with his passion and kindness.

Wolfgang was appointed bishop of Regensburg by Emperor Otto II. He instigated clergy reform, showed special care for the poor, preached with passion and zeal, and wore the habit of a monk as part of living a somber life.

Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg was canonized in 1052. 

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