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Saint Wulfstan (c. 1008–1095)

Saint Wulfstan (c. 1008–1095)

Feast day: January 19

Saint Wulfstan was a devout young man. He joined the Benedictines at Worcester in England and instructed children in the catechism, served as treasurer and prior, and was eventually elected bishop.

He showed incredible skill and devotion to his position and his people, and he was the only bishop allowed to continue his ministry when William the Conqueror came into power. Wulfstan worked hard to rebuild his cathedral, care for the poor, and lighten the harsh laws established by the Normans to keep the defeated Saxons in line.

He was also very devoted to prayer, and it is said that he never passed a church without stopping and entering to pray at the altar. Wulfstan was called to his heavenly home while ministering to the poor and washing their feet. He was canonized in 1203.